Can Hiring a Virtual Assistant Benefit Your Work/Life Balance?

Can Hiring a Virtual Assistant Benefit Your Work/Life Balance?

When you start a business you have a vision in mind as to how that business will look and operate. You have a budget and everything is rainbows and unicorns, or is it? You know the old saying “Anything worth having is worth working for”, well a business is no different. One of the things most of us forget about when it comes to running a business, is the little things. That’s right all the little, trivial, minuet but much-needed things that quite frankly interfere with us doing the fun stuff of running our business. You know the ones I’m talking about the checking emails, answering emails, and scheduling meeting. Since we live in the age of social media, as a business owner you absolutely must have a social media presence. With having a social media presence you also must keep you profile up to date on all platforms. We haven’t even touched on meeting preparation, follow ups, meeting reminders, or rescheduling. Online office purchases, book-keeping and invoicing, event planning, and event advertising just to name a few. This list seems to go on forever…….but wait, who says we have to do all these tasks? The tasks must get done but do we have to do them?  Not anymore.

Do you ever ask yourself,…..

Do you ever ask yourself, “Didn’t I start my own business, to create a better work/life balance? “ Yet you find you are doing these “back-office” jobs on the weekends because you don’t have time during your work week to fit them in?! Are you working through breaks and sometimes lunch so that you can use that time to catch up this additional workload? Do you dread looking at your inbox after a weekend because you know there are things in there you really should have already completed but just haven’t had the time?  How can you change this!

This is where hiring a Virtual Assistant (or VA) will help you. Working with a VA allows you to focus on your sales growth and business development, the things you set out to do when you decided to set up your own business in the first place.  While your VA works on these “back office” tasks.


A Virtual Assistant

A VA can set up an email address through your business, manage your emails, respond on your behalf, add contacts into your database, write notes as necessary and can even follow-up with clients if you so wish. A VA can also connect with your contacts on Social Media, (assuming you have one set up) or set up your social media platform for you. All it takes is the right VA and discussion with him or her on how you like to work. Your VA will operate out of their own office as freelance or self-employed so you will have no over head. Having a VA is easily rationalized when you look at all the time you are now able to spend generating more sales and increasing your revenue.


If you would like to hear and learn more about how I can help you, feel free to drop me an email. I would be more than happy to talk to you about the different ways I can help you and your business.  I am you Virtual Assistant.